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   Strengthened by 33 years of experience and its expertise in distributing H.V.A.C. products in Quebec, Enersol inc. has won the confidence of its clients through its dedication, determination and especially its after-sales service.

Today, Enersol inc. is turning resolutely towards the future, offering top quality, highly innovative, energy efficient products which demand a steadily growing technical expertise adapted to the ever-changing needs of th marketplace.

To fulfil its corporate mission, Enersol inc. has developed a strategy based on tree fundamental principles:

  • To forge and maintain long term, solid agreements with its SUPPLIERS, based on confidence and mutual respect;
  • To do everything possible to assure the complete satisfaction of each of its CUSTOMERS through appropriate counsel, comprehensive supervision and unparalleled service;
  • To promote ongoing training, professional development and growth in expertise for each of its EMPLOYEES.

It is therefore with energy, confidence and enthusiasm that Enersol inc. approaches the 21st century. Our intention is to continue to be the H.V.A.C distributor with the higest customer satisfaction rating in Quebec.

March 2008